Home buyers should not rely on information that many online sources provide because many times the information is partial or outdated. The only reliable way to determine the price of a home is through a licensed Realtor that has access to the Houston Multi Listing Service (MLS). Our agents will prepare home comparison information so you can make informed decisions about houses that are available in your price range. You may be pleasantly surprised at the type of house you can afford once our agents evaluate the neighborhoods you are considering. Researching homes online can benefit you by providing neighborhood and school information, but our agents will carry out many tasks in your best interest. These tasks reach far beyond the property search function.

Here is a basic list of the essential tasks that will be handled by our agents:

  • Be an adviser and advocate during the entire home buying process.
  • Take time to uncover your needs and wants as well as what’s motivating your purchase.
  • Educate you on current market conditions.
  • Find a way to attain as many of your needs as possible when dealing with the realities of the marketplace and/or specific financial constraints.
  • Research homes in your desired area and sort through active listings to make informed recommendations.
  • Handle the entire negotiation process including the preparation of all necessary forms when making an offer and/or counteroffer.
  • Provide oversight and follow up for any inspections or appraisals.
  • Provide advice for any repairs needed on the property.
  • Attend the closing to ensure that your interests are protected.


We provide these complimentary services to all of our sellers to gain the maximum amount of exposure to your home.

We will guide you through the entire transaction process. As your advocate, we perform a variety of duties, but our primary function includes effectively marketing your home. Based on your specific home and situation, we will create a marketing plan to obtain the highest sales price of your home that the market will allow.

To quickly sell your home at the maximum price we will:

  1. Research and evaluate area home sales to determine the list price of the home.
  2. Add your home to MLS so all area agents can access your listing.
  3. Market your home to area real estate companies to network with other seller and buyer agents.
  4. Arrange showings and screen potential buyers to ensure they are pre-approved and not wasting your time.
  5. Observe all Covid-19 protocols.
  6. Provide Social Media postings to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  7. Provide constant communication to present all offers and ensure a smooth transaction.
  8. Negotiate the best sales price from all offers and counteroffers.
  9. Attend the closing to ensure your interest are protected.


If you are relocating to Houston and not ready to buy a home, we can assist in finding a rental home or apartment. Our sister company, Apartment World, has helped over 21,000 clients since 1998, and our agents have an extensive knowledge of the Houston rental market. Houston is one of the largest apartment markets in the United States and it doesn't have city zoning. Choosing the right apartment for you or your family can be overwhelming and confusing without assistance.

Our broker/owner, Ty Counts, is on the board of the National Association of Apartment Locators. Ty is one of the highest rated apartment locators in Houston. Our agents have access to exclusive databases with pricing and photos of every apartment in Houston. If you prefer to rent a house, our agents have access to all rental homes in the MLS.

Our rental clients can expect these services from our agents:

  1. Complete concierge services.
  2. Fully customized list of rental options.
  3. Tours that fit your schedule.
  4. Financial comparison workbook.
  5. Rent rebate program.